Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, after finishing my post the other day, Nathan has finally spoken his first "real" word. He has been saying, "mama, dada, papa" but not always directly to the right person. Often, he will walk around saying, "mamamamama" but, not to me or about me. This time, he walked right over to his little shoe, brought it over to me and said, "Shoe?" I could not belive it! Then, he preceded to try to put it on his little foot. Of course, it didn't sound exactly like shoe, more like, "bew?" But, I knew what he meant and it was the first time that I've noticed him associating what he's saying with the actual object. So, since then, because I praised him so much for it, he's been saying it a LOT. In fact, he might be starting to have a little infatuation with shoes. He likes to wear them all the time, or wear our shoes or help us put our's on. It's the cutest thing in the world! The other day, he brought me a sock and said, "shoe?" and I said "no, sock." But, he was trying to put it on his foot, so I went ahead and helped him with it. Not very long after that, he began to get fussy, so I laid him down for a nap and we he woke up he still had that little sock on his one foot. It was so adorable. I can't wait for him to start saying more so I can see what's going on in that little head of his...

Monday, September 21, 2009

More birthday celebration

September is a HUGE birthday month for us. We have Nathan and Jason (of course) and then, Christy, Chris, Papa, Greg, Susan and Howard. So, last weekend, Rebecca and Chris came home (finally! Since they were being quarantined in Milledgeville for Becca having the swine flu) so we could celebrate September birthdays. We had steaks on Friday with everyone and then, Saturday my gift to them was to make supper which was country fried steak and gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, lima beans, biscuits and homemade strawberry cake (jason's favorite). I LOVE to cook like that! Daddy said that he felt like he was eating with Memaw. :) He could not have said anything sweeter.

I can not believe that Christy is 16! It just blows my mind that she's old enough to drive all by herself. It makes me feel very, very old. She looks so cute in her new car and I'm so proud of her! She drove us back from Troy the other day when we went to take Mason to meet his mom. I was so comfortable with her driving that I even took a little nap.

The past several nights have been hard on us. Nathan hasn't been sleeping very much and not napping, either. He's eating well and pooping regular, but he's been holding his mouth sort of funny and drooling a TON. Last night Jason and I were playing with him on our bed and he was laughing with his mouth open. I noticed two small white patches on his tongue. :( I'm hoping it's not thrush or something even more serious. I will feel so bad for not noticing it sooner. We have an appointment at the Doctor this morning.

He's learned how to climb onto the sofa and is now wanting to climb onto the arms of the sofa! He LOVES to be outside and has started throwing little hissy fits if you even open the door and not let him go outside. Papa has built him the greatest swing set and Nathan's really enjoying it. He and I were in our bathroom the other day and I stepped out to grab something from the bedroom, when I came back, he had climbed onto the trashcan, onto the toilet and was reaching for the windowsill. Uh-oh! Next thing I know he's going to be on top of the refrigerator! He eats almost everything we put in front of him, but has lately started throwing his food off of his tray when he's finished which his Dad and I HATE. He loves other children and is enjoying going to school at First Methodist. He still sucks his thumb and would carry those darn blankets around with him all day long if I'd let him. We are trying to not let him do that. He (usually) will go to bed around 8 and sleep until 7:30. He (usually) takes about a 2 hour nap around 1:00. He's not really talking yet. He's said a word or two here or there, but not enough to really count, I think. I can't wait for that! It will be fun to hear what goes on in that little head of his. :) Anyway, I could go on and on. We just love him so much and are so proud of him. I'll let y'all know when we get home how the Doctor's appointment goes...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Honey!

After I blogged and went to bed last night I realized that I didn't even blog about it being one of the most important days on our calendar!

My hubby turned 28 yesterday! Happy Birthday!! I wish you could have been here with us so I could bake you your favorite cake and shower you with kisses and hugs. I love you very much and am very, very glad that you were born. Thank you for being so good to us. I hope you'll be ready to celebrate when you get home on Thursday. Nathan and I are anxiously waiting for you.

Me :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So, I'm going to quickly catch up on the two last weeks, since I've obviously not kept up with my blogging...Last Monday night, I was getting all prepared for Nathan's first day of school (mom's day out at the church), by fixing his lunch getting his bag ready and making sure we were in bed on time. About 1:30 in the morning, though, Nathan woke up crying. Sometimes he does this, but he usually goes back to sleep pretty easily on his own if I just ignore him. However, that night, he wouldn't stop crying! So, I changed his diaper, tried to give him something to eat, tried rocking him - nothing was working. An hour passed, then another and he was still just crying uncontrollably. But, I knew that I had to go to work the next day, so since I had done everything I could to try to soothe him, I decided to leave the room and try to go to sleep on the couch. Every so often, though, I would go in there to check on him because he would drop his little silky over the edge of his crib and I know that he can't go to sleep without it (which is probably why he was dropping in the first place, but what do you do...). After about the third time of me going back there, I was laying on the couch and heard the most awful noise I've ever heard - he fell out of his bed!!! :( I could cry right now. It was awful. I'm sure that he'd dropped his silky and was leaning over the rail reaching for it and just fell right over. I ran in there, flipped the light on and here he came crawling out from beside the bed, tears just streaming down his face. At this point, I called my mom because I was thinking that maybe she would say, "well, sara, have you tried ___" and it would cure everything. Maybe there was something that I hadn't thought of. She didn't have a real magic answer but she offered the idea of just putting him in bed with me and pulling Mason's bed out from underneath our's so that if he fell off of our bed, he would at least land on Mason's. This sounded as good as any idea I'd had yet, so I layed Nathan on our bed and proceeded to pull out Mason's bed, but as I was doing it - he fell off. Yes, people, he fell off the bed twice in one night! I just might be the worst mama ever. I feel so badly about that night. Luckily, he didn't have any broken bones or bruises even. I quickly got in the bed and snuggled him up close to me (which he normally won't let me do), but he finally fell asleep whimpering into my chest. :( Poor little baby...
One of my friends said that he must have just been super excited about his birthday party coming up the next weekend....
And he should have been because we partied hard! It's a big deal that my sweet little boy was turning 1! We started out the festivities by having what was supposed to be a "small" get together at the park Saturday morning for just Nathan's little friends and their parents. It went so well! We had a nice little group show up and it was a lot of fun! I am so thankful that he was in such a good mood. As each of his guests were getting there, he would walk up to them and smile like, "hey, good to see you! Thanks for coming!" :) It was so cute. He got so many nice gifts, too. I hadn't expected to have so much to bring home!
The next day, we had another party for him at my parents' house for just family. (I did two parties because we have so much family and so many friends that it would have been too overwhelming to try to have them all together). Daddy cooked a whole pig that was delicious! I swear I have the best baby! He stayed up until 9:30 that night just hamming it up for the camera and for our guests. You would never have known that he was up past his bedtime. I mean, the icing could have had something to do with that...

Here are a couple of pictures from both parties:

Our sweet little birthday boy

The pavillion at the Kids' Castle Park

Our little family

Nathan and all of his sweet little friends

Cake Monster

Party #2
Told ya'

All set up for our second celebration
The beautiful cake that I did NOT make :)

Giving brotherly love on the Birthday

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009

I really and truly am too tired to blog tonight. I can't mentally put it all out in words the way I want to right now, but all I want to say is...


This time last year, I was relishing in the sweetness of the greatest miracle that God has ever given to me. I was counting fingers and toes and learning the sounds and smells of my son. I am so thankful for this child and for the whole last year that we spent together. I can't believe he's already a year old. Time truly does fly when you're having fun! ;)