Monday, August 31, 2009

lazy sunday and manic monday!

So, Sunday was truly a day of rest for us. It was rainy, so we really just stayed in and relaxed most of the day. I decided to make a meatloaf for Jason and his Dad for when they got home from fishing and man - was it good!

Nothing beats a good ole' meatloaf with lima beans, rolls and sweet tea, of course. I love cooking good southern meals for my honey, especially when I can tell that he likes them! I don't get a chance to cook for him very often, so when I do - I appreciate it.

I am totally in love with this website All of the really good meals I've prepared lately have been treasures from the site. I like it especially because it lists the health facts about the dishes and people can leave rate the recipe and leave reviews. But, my favorite part, is that you can type in what ingredients you have and it will bring up a recipe for you that includes all of those ingredients (in case you have a case of cooker's block, like I sometimes do.)

The fisherman ate their dinner and then they spent the evening making Nathan laugh. It was hysterical. (disclaimer: this sounds like the most redneck thing ever - and it is - so, just play along...) Jason and Mr. Mark were rolling a dip can back and forth to each other across the kitchen floor and Nathan thought that was hilarious. He couldn't even stand up without falling over for laughing so hard at that little round can rolling back and forth in front of him. It was too cute!

Today was really fun! We went to Nathan's orientation for "school." He will be going to First Methodist 3 days a week for Playschool. I think this going to be a really good thing for him to have a little more structure and to be around more kids his age. He will still go to Miss Ana's in the afternoons, but this will just be something a little extra for him to do. I can't wait for him to start - I feel like he's growing up so fast. I can't believe I'm already filling out immunization forms and emergency contact info. I just hope he gets as much out of it as I'm expecting him to...

So, when we left school, we came home to have lunch and a nap and then headed out to Babies' R Us and Target to get our list of supplies that the teachers asked for. We saw two of the other kids in his class there doing the same thing. I also saw an old friend of mine in there who told me that she's expecting! (I wondered what she was doing in the baby store since she doesn't have children). I'm so excited for her! She is only about 6 weeks pregnant, so I can't wait for her to announce it herself. While we were there, after we finished giggling excitedly with my friend, I was looking at the Halloween costumes when I heard a man say, "Oh no, little buddy, don't do that! Um, Ma'am!!" I was thinking, "aww, I wonder who's child is getting into something...." and then I glanced up and realized that NATHAN WAS STANDING UP IN THE BUGGY! Little booger! I can't believe he did that!! Guess I'll have to start buckling him in, now.

We ate leftover Meatloaf at Mom and Dad's and we got a really cute little video of Nathan climbing into Memaw's chair. He truly is a little monkey. I don't know how I'm going to keep him from breaking his arms/legs/neck. I just know that one day I'm going to come into the kitchen and find him on top of the table or refrigerator or plant shelf! hahaha.....ha....ha? :-/

Saturday, August 29, 2009


ahh!! I'm starting to slack! Let me back up...

So, Thursday I was off of work and Nathan and I had a great day! It all started with waking up to a very cool house. Yay! We had slept in a little late, so we had to hurry to get ready because I was going to my very first Zumba class! Oh, "What's Zumba?" you ask? Well, it's similar to jazzercise, but a little more pumped up. Very Ancient Africa-ish. Kinda crazy, if you ask me. But, at least it was fun and it helped me feel healthy. It's time I do something about this leftover baby weight, but I'm procrastinating it badly. Nathan went to the daycare at the gym with his friend Ally (my friend, Jessica Montgomery's baby). I'm so lucky that he is such an easy-going child. I was so proud of how he let me just set him down and then he walked over all by himself to play with the bigger boys and never looked back at me. I'm really glad he's not a crier like some babies.

When we got done at the gym, we were sleepy and hungry, so we went straight home for lunch and then Nathan took a nap while I caught up on my book. I'm currently reading "The Time Traveler's Wife." I'd started it a couple of years ago, but life got in the way and I ended up shelving it, but since it's just been made into a movie I decided that it may be time to pull it back out and try to re-engage myself. But, it's hard to find time to read! I can't get very far because I'm always in the middle of something and then when I pick it up, I have to re-read to figure out where I am. This makes me sad, because reading is one of my favorite things to do. It makes my soul feel good to read a good book.

After Nathan woke up, we went to Target to pick up a few things. Nathan enjoys shopping, but not for a long time. It was good that Memaw called and invited us over for dinner because I could have spent all evening in there! Love that store!!

Anyway, So Friday was really quiet at work. Shelby and Jenny planned a fun trip to the beach for all the girls at the shop. I really wanted to go, but since I'm taking off next weekend for Nathan's birthday I knew that I needed to stay. Plus, I had some big color clients that needed to have their hair done today and I knew that I probably shouldn't pass that up. Plus, I'm not quite ready to leave Nathan yet. :)

Friday evening, we went to Memaw and Big Daddy's and we got to show off how Nathan has learned where my nose is. I say, "nose..." and he looks up at me and puts his little finger right on my nose. SO CUTE! I love him soooo much and am so proud of every little new thing that he's learning.

I worked this morning - again by myself - I'll be so glad to have those girls back on Tuesday! And Jason came home around lunchtime. After I got off work, we let Nathan take a little nap and then we went over to my mom and dad's to play Wii with Preacher Pa and Meme. Can you believe that the physical therapist actually recommended for Preacher Pa to play the Wii to strengthen his new hip? I think that's crazy! Jason and Daddy grilled some yummy steaks that went really well with the homemade chocolate cake that mom and I made.

Mom bought Nathan a climbing tower thing that has a little platform and then a little slide on it. Nathan loves it! Just like a boy, he immediately tried to walk up the slide! And of course he took a tumble or two. It's hard to see him get hurt, but I want him to know that it does hurt to fall and that Mommy and Daddy aren't always going to be there to catch him. He's also started throwing his food off the side of his tray when he's finished eating and he's learning that when he does that we say, "NO!" I guess he thinks that it's funny, so he's started doing it and then looks up at us and laughs. We're going to have to try some new tactics with this, I think....

Well, Jason just put our little pumpkin to bed. He's going to catch up on his NCIS show and I think I'm going to take the opportunity to read! :) Night y'all!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Law-sey Day

I lived at Lake Junaluska in North Carolina for about 10 months after my first year of college. While I was there I worked at the local Belk with a girl who was straight from the hills. And i don't mean the O.C. Hills. She had black, heavily permed hair that went straight down her back to practically her fanny and wore long painted nails. I can't remember her name, but I remember that whenever things got a little stressful, she would say, "Law-sey Day!" Probably like some of us might would say, "Good Grief!"

About this time last night, I was saying a big, long, southern "Law-sey Day!"

Everything was going smoothly, Jason had left Monday afternoon so Nathan and I got up yesterday and did our normal routine. I dropped him off at Ana's and then I went to work. Well, as I had mentioned, he's been running a temperature so I was a little concerned about him throughout the day. I spoke with Ana late that afternoon, and she mentioned that she could meet my mom in town instead of Mom having to drive all the way out to her house to pick Nathan up, since Ana had some running around to do anyway. It wasn't but maybe a half-hour later that Christy called me to tell me that Ana's son Benjamin had thrown up in her car on the way to bring Nathan to meet them. "Great!" I thought. This is what I have to look forward to! I promptly call my Aunt Joyce to make sure she could come to watch Nathan today for me, and thankfully she was happy to do it!

So, I get home and get him ready for bed, put him to sleep and then am trying to catch up on All My Children, when I realize that it's *really* hot in the house. So, I got up to check the thermostat and sure enough - the air was out. See, we like to keep our house pretty cold. I live with a man who's inner furnace never dies down, so when he's here it's usually on 68. When he's not, I'll keep it on 70, but it's still pretty cold compared to some people. That thermostat said it was 76 degrees in here! Like a sauna for somebody like me!! AND I had a baby with a fever trying to sleep in there. :( (you know, it's funny how this stuff ne-ver happens when Jason's home and it can't happen on my day off, of course). But, thank goodness that my sweet Father-in-Law lives close by (ha!) He came out to look at it, got right on the phone with somebody he knew and then reassured me that the man would be out first thing in the morning to look at it.

This was when I was reminded of my mountain friend and her sweet phrase and Lord - did I say it! Because it was then that I realized that not only did I have my sweet little Aunt coming to keep Nathan at my house, but I was having her come into a house with no air, and with a strange air-conditioner man coming to look at the unit and I wasn't going to be there and AHHHHH!!!!

I needed a xanax or something.

We struggled through the night with as little blanket (and clothes) as possible, and I got up early of course, because I was stressing out about what to do, but it really all worked out well. Joyce came around 9 and the air conditioning guy didn't need to come inside and he actually got it working quickly. Oh! And nathan didn't get sick (praise God!), so he's still recovering from this fever thing and we're just hoping that he gets well soon. Now, Jason and I (yes, he surprised us with a short visit) are going to snuggle down deep in our covers and enjoy our cold air. :)

Good night!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, two-a-day ain't bad!

Yesterday was one of the most perfect days ever. We woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning so Jason and I decided to catch a Braves game around 1:30. We dropped Nathan off with Memaw and Big Daddy (i.e. best grandparents ever) and then headed to Atlanta to eat at the Varsity. You *must* eat at the Varsity before a Braves game! We met Jason's childhood friend, Joe, there and caught up on lost time with him. Then, we headed on over to the stadium. It couldn't have been a prettier day. We sat on the very front row and Jason even al-most caught a foul ball. It was great!

We did leave the game a little early because it was so hot, but we stayed long enough to feel like we got our money's worth and were really glad to get home and find out that the Braves, had in fact won the game. Yay! I hope we get to do that again. Spending time with Jason is one of my favorite things to do. It will be fun to take Nathan, too, once he gets big enough. :)
Unfortunately, though, when we got home we found out that Nathan was running a fever. Not high enough to be very alarmed, but enough to worry his mama a little... So, that's what we've done today is nurse a little fever and try to sleep it out. (I even got in a 2 hour nap!) We did go to visit Big Daddy at work during lunch to pass time while Ellie was getting groomed, and that was a lot of fun. I think Big Daddy likes it when Nathan and I surprise him.
Here's to hoping that this little fever goes away and a new tooth emerges soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

One - A - Day

I have so much guilt over how long it's been since I've written. That's the problem I've always had with keeping a "diary". Sometimes stuff happens so quickly that I can't keep up and then I've forgotten and feel overwhelmed when I think of sitting down to actually try to sort it out into some sort of logical material. But, it makes me sad that I haven't done it and I've missed recording so much of Nathan's first year.

I've been telling myself that if I can log onto facebook everyday to update my status or if I can log into yahoo to check my email, I should find just a few minutes to log on here every day and just type out one funny/odd/interesting thing that has happened that day. It shouldn't matter if it's witty or long enough or unimportant to anyone else. This isn't like writing in a journal. This is much easier than that. And I should do it. For Nathan...

So! Every day, I'm going to do it. Update my blog with something worth mentioning about that day. Because everyday is important and should be remembered - somehow.

Like, today, Nathan wore the shirt that his Daddy bought him at the truck stop. It says "Daddy's Mini-Me" and it is adorable!

I had so much fun watching Jason chase Nathan around this afternoon. That little tickle box gets turned upside down by his Daddy in a way that I can't figure out. He doesn't laugh like that with me, which is fine, because we have our own special little moments, too. There's something very precious about a boy and his Dad and I'm enthralled with watching this relationship blossom between the two most important people in my life.