Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our life with you at 21 months

Dear Nathan,
You have just turned 21 months old and you think you are 3. You are already so wise and mature. We love you so much! It's hard to imagine what our life was like before you became apart of it. You fit into our family perfectly and we are so glad that you're here!
You have already started turning flips on the floor. You climb on everything. Ev.ry.thing! You love to jump, but you count backwards. "Two...One...." :) You love to read books and we do so alot. Especially at night before we go to bed. One of your favorites is "Where the Wild Things Are." You say, "Max, max" as we turn the pages. You also love to read "Good Night Moon." This is my favorite book to read with you because you are precious as we read it. You say, "moon.... cow...." and when the quiet old lady whispers hush, you put your finger beside your nose and make a noise in the back of your throat like you're saying hush with a stopped up nose. Then, when we get to the page where the kittens are by themselves, you pull the book from me and give them kisses and you always feed me mush like you are pretending that we can really eat it off the page. I think this means that you have an imagination and that makes me excited that as you get bigger we'll be able to play pretend more and more.
You enjoy school and are always willing to get out of the car with the teachers that come to get you. Almost every day as they are unbuckling your carseat, you point at me and say to them, "mommy..." As if you are letting them know that I'm your Mommy. And I am indeed that. My most favorite job in the world.
You love to "guys" which means go outside. And we spend alot of time on the playground that your Papa built. You love to walk up his ramp and down his stairs over and over again. When we let Sadie out of her pen, you blow air out of your lips as if you are trying to whistle. It's adorable. You are a big helper and are willing to help me do ANYTHING. You love to water flowers and sweep and wash dishes. Oh boy, do you love to wash dishes. One of your favorite things to do at Memaw and Big Daddy's is to push a chair up to the sink and play in the water. Today, in fact, we came into the kitchen to find you actually in the sink!
You love your daddy and try to emmulate him all the time. When he spits on the ground, you lean over and make a kissing noise just like him. You are his little buddy and I hope that you will be just like him.
You do like to have your way, though, and sometimes you pitch little temper tantrums to try to get what you want. We don't like to spank, but time out doesn't work at all. Maybe this just shows that you are going to be tough and be a leader. You couldn't be more perfect to us. We are so proud of you and we love you so much. We can't wait to watch you become the Nathan James Dewberry that you are meant to be.

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